Michael Abildgaard

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Lektor ved Danmarks Medie- og Journalisthøjskole, Institut for Medier og indehaver af Abildgaard Academy.

Fagområder: Trykt medieproduktion, Grafisk Produktion, Brand Color Management, Farvestyring, Farvevidenskab.

Forfatter til tre bøger, seks forskningsartikler og en række artikler til fagpressen.Eksempler;

Pedersen, Michael Abildgaard (2008), Internationalt Standardiseret Grafisk Produktion - ISO 12647 Forlaget Grafisk Litteratur i samarbejde med Grafisk Arbejdsgiverforening, udgivet 05/2008, ISBN: 978-87-91171-96-3

Pedersen, Michael Abildgaard (2002), Kopisikring af tryksager – 31 ideer der vanskeliggør kopiering Forlaget Grafisk Litteratur, udgivet 04/2002, ISBN 87-88263-77-0

FORSKNINGSARTIKLER: Pedersen, Michael Abildgaard (2022). The consequences of choosing and specifying Brand Colors directly from a screen – and the need for Brand Color Management. Journal of Print and Media Technology Research, Vol. 11 No. 2 (2022), pp. 85-97. DOI: 10.14622/JPMTR-2208

Pedersen, Michael Abildgaard (2021) Is it really true that Pantone Extended Gamut can reproduce 90% of all Pantone Spot Colors? Proceedings of the 47th International Research Conference of iarigai in Athens, Greece, 19−24 September 2021Advances in Printing and Media Technology, Vol. XLVII(VII) - Printing in the Digital Era, pp. 55-62. DOI: 10.14622/Advances_47_2021

Pedersen, Michael Abildgaard (2019) Reinventing the wheel. An attempt to create an objective technical color wheel for Pantone colors by using hue angles (hab) as the deciding factor. Proceedings of the 46th International Research Conference of iarigai in Stuttgart, Germany September 15-18, 2019.Advances in Printing and Media Technology, Vol. XLVI(VI) - 2B Colour Science, pp. 29-41. DOI 10.14622/Advances_46_2019

Pedersen, Michael Abildgaard (2018) Reality Check: What to expect when buying different print products for a campaign.– Brand Color reproduction across print substrates and technologies. Proceedings of the 45th International iarigai Conference in Warsaw, Poland, October 03–07, 2018. Advances in Printing and Media Technology,Vol. XLV(V) – 2: MEDIA AND GRAPHIC II: Graphic Design, pp. 27–35

Pedersen, Michael Abildgaard (2017) The Yin and Yang of Colors – How to calculate the exact Complementary Color to a specific chromatic Brand Color. Proceedings of the 44th International Iarigai Conference in Fribourg, Switzerland 2017.Advances in Printing and Media Technology, Vol. XLIV(IV) – 5A: Printing inks, pp. 119–128. ISBN 978-3-9870704-7-1 ISSN 2409-4021

Pedersen, Michael Abildgaard (2016) Why most Brand Manuals fail when it comes to defining Brand Colors. And how to determine acceptable Color Deviations for specific Brand Color. Proceedings of the 43rd International Iarigai Conference in Toronto, Canada 2016.Advances in Printing and Media Technology, Vol. XLIII(III) – 4: Design, pp. 91–100. ISBN 978-3-9870704-2-6, ISSN 2409-4021